What is the #1 complaint you hear in LA (besides traffic)?

Something to do with an actor being unhappy with their representation.

Either they can’t find an agent or manager or they are unhappy with the one they have.

I’ve been an agent assistant, a talent manager, and an actor: I can assure you that you don’t have all the information as an actor, and for whatever reason most talent reps won’t give actors the scoop.

I will give it to you.

About Me

I have the advantage of working both in front of the camera and behind.
I was an assistant at CAA, Forward Entertainment, Lane Management Group, and The Laugh Factory working with a clientele that included Tom Hanks, Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal, Jon Hamm, and Helen Hunt.
At The Laugh Factory my responsibilities included booking shows, running the management division and helping with open mics, showcases, and the world-famous Comedy Camp where Tiffany Haddish was discovered.
My experience as an assistant landed me at The 5 Management Company where I quickly became a partner and from there started my own company called Unlimited Talent Management.
Most recently I worked at Brave Artists Management heading the comedy division.
I am a writer and stand-up comic, performing in Los Angeles at The Laugh Factory, The Comedy Store, Flappers, The Ha Ha, and The Hollywood Improv where I created and produced my own show for charity called “Friends with Benefits.” This show was known for having guests such as Dane Cook, Craig Robinson and Aziz Ansari.
As a screenwriter I have penned several full-length feature films and television pilots and was the producer and co-star of “Once Upon a Time in Queens” playing the wife of Michael Rapaport and starring opposite Paul Sorvino and Chazz Palminteri.
My passion has always been helping others succeed and I now work as a consultant bridging the gap between talent and representation.

Andrea is amazing!  I learned more in a couple one-on-one sessions with Andrea than I have from many of my acting teachers. She really knows this business and will help you take the right steps forward. She taught me about elements of this business that no one ever told me before!

Autumn Bruewer

Andrea is the perfect combination of business and personal. She is efficient and to the point, whilst still being encouraging and supportive. I am grateful to have worked with her, my only regret is that we did not meet earlier!

Joel Pierce

Andrea truly made me feel as though my well-being was a priority. Getting to know who I am as a person and as an artist before implementing her wealth of knowledge to my apparent needs, proved she really cares about any individual she is working with. She makes everything not seem so daunting.

Kristian Maxwell-McGeever

Andrea Kelly is wonderful, really gets to know you as an artist, and caters her work with you to what you are trying to achieve. If you have questions, she helps connect the dots.

Elke Thoms

Andrea Kelly is a MUST GO TO for any actor who is serious about taking their career to the next level. She was so helpful, specific, and informative. Her years of experience in the industry mixed with Andrea’s kind and attentive personality take her to the next level. Not only was I given extremely detailed instructions and to do’s but I also felt she really understood me individually as an artist. I felt very taken care of with detailed specifics for my own personal professional journey. Wow. Thank you so much Andrea! I am so grateful to be working you!
Tessa VonderHaar

I was so grateful to meet with Andrea, as I found her guidance to be both extremely helpful and nurturing. I found that what she had to say came from an authentic place and she shared her wisdom with me as someone who has had experience in many facets of the industry. 

She empathized with a very difficult situation I have been going through with someone in the film industry, which also meant a lot to me. 

Andrea treats actors with fairness and kindness, because not only is she a tenacious coach, she is a performer and an artist herself. She gave me the push I needed to take my career to the next level, and I highly recommend everyone go to her.

Sophia Dunn-Walker


I highly recommend Andrea’s consulting services–– she’s got very up-to-date insight from her years of experience as an industry-insider at a top tier talent management firm. After just one call, I felt a huge spike in momentum, motivation and sense of direction. Additionally, she is an amazing listener who really gets to the heart of where you are at in your journey as an actor. Lastly, she is funny, sharp and very encouraging while also being highly discerning and credible. If you care about your future, call Andrea!

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