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I absolutely love a new year; I love a fresh start. That is why I am a morning person; every day feels like a new beginning to me. 

With the events and conditions of last year, I hear from my clients that it has affected them in more ways than one. I am sympathetic to all of that. 

But, I also question how much of what is happening in the world is the underlying issue of our lack of motivation as actors? 

I just recently did my first Goal Setting Workshop of 2021 and in that workshop, we began with taking a collective breath and a collective exhale with the focus on letting go of 2020 and leaning into 2021. 

Maybe we need to do that right now…(I’ll wait)

When we focus on our breath, even for a split second, it moves our consciousness from the past (regret, depression, sadness) and from the future (anxiety, worry, fear) and it brings us into the present moment. 

We only have power in the present-so let go of anything that has happened in the past! When I help actors build their pitch to agents/managers a lot of times, they have already “tried this” and it didn’t work. Until they release that energy we cannot move forward. I help to wipe the slate clean. And so many times clients who tell me that story, now have a new story to tell which often is that they now have more than one agent/manager who wants to work with them.

Artists also tend to live in the future—“what it will be like when…” and as a result they don’t get ahead because it takes work every day-it doesn’t just “happen” (usually). That is why I started offering 10 min weekly coaching calls. So we can break up those future goals into bite-sized pieces and then the unmanageable becomes manageable.

But really the most important thing I do, especially for the artist who feels they have lost their passion, is I help them find their “Why” again?

Why you decided to be an artist? Was it for the money? Or the fame? Or was it to express something that was inside of you? Maybe it is time to revisit what your reasons for pursuing this career-what brought you here?

When I meet with clients most of the time their reason for hiring me is to find representation, and we do! I have a huge success rate in this department, and I don’t think I am magical (maybe a little) but, I do help clients clear away a lot of blocks and other things that are standing in their way. It’s important to have someone that can see an area that may be a mental blank spot for you.

I love what I do and I am constantly asking myself how I can help, it is through being of service to you that I get the greatest satisfaction. I really want to see you succeed!

If you are feeling stuck, it time to ask yourself this question …What is in my way? Most of the time, I find with actors what is really in their way is their thinking. I hope this new year brings you new opportunities to grow and to see things differently. Change your mind, change your life, change the world! We need you and we need your art more than ever.

Let’s do this!!

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