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Tom Brady!

Love him or hate him? Doesn’t really matter-I think we can all agree on one thing-he’s killing it!

I have always made a comparison to the acting business and pro sports. If we approach our career the same way athletes approach their careers-I think we would have more success.

First of all, they train-they get really really good. They know they are going to compete with the best, so they work on becoming the best. They put hours into what they love-and they push themselves beyond the limit.

I’m a huge football fan-Dallas Cowboys is my team-but I have always had such an admiration for Tom Brady-I mean he is easy on the eyes, let’s be honest! But beyond that what I really admire is his passion. He gets so upset when he loses-it matters to him! He knows probably that he can’t win every game, but he goes into it with the intention to win!

What is your intention? Do you intend to win? If so, what are you doing to ensure success? Are you doing everything you can?

I love writing these blogs because I motivate myself when I write them-I hope I motivate you too. That is always my intention-to help you reach your goals!

Superbowl (especially this year) will be different-maybe you normally go to a party with friends? Maybe this year you are staying home?

I will be on my chair next to my husband and my dogs with a variety of snacks and diet coke (my guilty pleasure)

Usually, people eat too much and drink too much on Superbowl Sunday-I say “ENJOY” if that is your thing-but wake up on Monday and get going on your Superbowl -Whatever that is!

Watch the athletes and the half-time show and ask yourself-what did it take for these athletes and musical talent to make it to this level?? 

What is YOUR next level-and how do you get there?

I will be rooting for the Bucs-and I am always rooting for YOU! Let this be your best year ever by taking all the chances you can to be your absolute best!

Don’t settle for less than your best-that is what I learn from pros like Tom Brady!

I’m here for you !!


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