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In today’s society I read a lot about being gentle with ourselves, not beating ourselves up, and letting good enough-be good enough. I agree with the concepts, but I will tell you-anything that I have achieved in my life that I am proud of; came from hard work. It came from doing what seemed impossible. Most of the people in my life told me either I couldn’t do it, or I shouldn’t do it. At this stage in my life, I know that I would be living with a lot of regret if I had listened to the naysayers. 

I’ve heard we are the sum total of the 5 people we spend the most time with-I guess that makes me mostly a Shih-tzu! 

But seriously-who are you listening to? 

Who are you spending time with? 

How much of your day is spent commiserating with other actors who aren’t where you want to be? 

One of my first acting teachers told the class one day that you can’t be an actor and a cynic-you can be a writer and a cynic. I took that to heart. I come from a family of cynics and critics, it’s that old Jersey Italian loud personality that I love but doesn’t always serve me. 

As artists we need to be gentle and open and creative-but as the CEO of your career you also need to be driven, focused, and tenacious. 

In my experience dealing with actors, I see people who don’t work hard and want big results. 

This business can attract some of the most laid back (nice way of saying lazy) people and it demands more work than most careers. 

I don’t say any of this to discourage you – I say it to light a fire under you!

Are you doing everything you need to do to be successful? 

Do you even know what you need to do to be successful?

It’s time in 2021 to be honest with ourselves. 

I am here to help you in any way I can-I offer hour long consults where we will get you motivated and I will give you clear cut directions on what you need to do next! I also offer 10 minute weekly coaching calls to keep you on track!

And if you’ve never worked with me I offer a free phone call to learn more about what I do!

I am rooting for you so hard!! With all that has happened in 2020-we need artists to help us heal. 

Let’s Goooooooo!

~Andrea Kelly

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