I have missed you guys!  Did you miss me?  I hope so and I apologize for “ghosting” y’all.  I’ve always identified as an introverted/extrovert; someone who needs to be alone to create and then come out and perform. But this was very different.  If you’ve been a fan of...

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As promised, my Audible book list

Hey Everybody, My friends, followers, and listeners of the Andreatown podcast can take advantage of a 30-day free trial of Audible at http://audibletrial.com/andreatown Here is the list of my favorite books on Audible, in no particular order: CLICK THE IMAGE TO GET...

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Momma, I’m hungry…

It’s Saturday afternoon, I had a show last night at Hooters in Las Vegas and I’m just relaxing and hanging out with the dogs.  I’m reflecting on the gig last night.  I need everyone to know how I take all of your smiling faces with me after the gig is over.  I love...

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Compare and Despair

I wanted to write about this topic because it’s something that I think has a really negative impact on my life. Growing up my parents entered me into beauty pageants causing me at age of 3 or 4 to view other girls as competition. These little girls who were dressed up...

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If you read my very first blog post I told the story of coming back to comedy after a long break and a lot of life changes. Shortly after my “comeback to comedy” my dog suddenly passed away and it all came crashing down. I ended my blog by explaining that in order to...

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Tell me no lies, and keep your dick in your pants

 I have been hesitant to post anything about the current sexual harassment/assault cases coming to the forefront in the Hollywood news. I have several reasons for keeping quiet, but rather than bury the lead I will start with it. I have experienced harassment and...

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What’s the point?

 It’s interesting that my first blog post is not going to be funny or really have anything to do with comedy. I have been meaning to start my blog post on my website for some time now but was busy with stand up shows and other gigs I had booked. After a pretty...

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Laughter Uncorked: Part Deux, Friday 8/25 @ Pop's OMD

Come check out my next show in Vegas -- Laughter Uncorked: Part Deux Pop's OMD Theater 953 E Sahara Ave B31, Las Vegas, NV 89109 Featuring: RYAN COLE JERRY KOUFELDT CARLOS ANTHONY VINCENT BLACKSHEAR MARKUS DIETZ Hosted by: MIC LIVE Special Guest: BOBBY WAYNE STAUTS...

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Andrea Nittoli — Burbank Comedy Festival Here I Come!!!

If you're in LA next week, I'm (currently) doing three shows at the Burbank Comedy Festival (at Flappers): Chicks with Shticks on Monday, August 14th @ 5:30pm Laugh, Revolt, Repeat on Tuesday, August 15th @ 7:30pm Late Night Friday Headliners Showcase on Friday,...

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