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Tom Brady

Tom Brady! Love him or hate him? Doesn’t really matter-I think we can all agree on one thing-he’s killing it! I have always made a comparison to the acting business and pro sports. If we approach our career the same way athletes approach their careers-I think we would...

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New Year – New You?

I absolutely love a new year; I love a fresh start. That is why I am a morning person; every day feels like a new beginning to me.  With the events and conditions of last year, I hear from my clients that it has affected them in more ways than one. I am sympathetic to...

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What now!?

What now!? The number one question I get asked from clients lately is “What Now?” or “What do I do now?” Which tells me we are all feeling a bit lost. It can be hard to feel like our acting careers are even important anymore with all that’s going on in the world. Let...

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